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PEACE in 2004 to all on Earth! Celebrate New Years Day 2004 with 2004 PEACE Signs! That's right count them.

San Francisco, CA -- December 31, 2003 --Nikki Kourmouzis has painted 2004 Peace Signs to be exhibited on January 1st 2004 at 2pm, in front of San Francisco City Hall as her wish to the whole world for this New Year.

The art piece PEACEin2004 is approximately 50 feet by 50 feet and consists of 81 pieces of wich all but two have 25 PEACE signs on them for a grand total of 2004! Each Peace sign is painted by hand, each with a prayer for peace and approximately one foot diameter. It's made from white Peva material and is waterproof, so they'll be there rain or shine.

"This project means many things to me:

  • It's my wish for the whole world, because that's what we all need, and we all know it. I know that PEACE is possible.
  • It's a thank you card to all in the world who have made steps for Peace, even died for Peace throughout history and time. To all who started peace groups, went to protests, to all the elderly, the handicapped, the ailing, the hungry, the poor, the rich, the pregnant mothers and the parents of our future, I saw you I was there. To all those who speak out everday, to all the poets and musicians, and artists, etc
  • It's also hope to all who are struggling/ fighting/ writting/ speaking/ teaching to make peace happen.
  • It's a celebration of Peace for Peace
  • It's an art Piece or a piece of art, depending on who you are and when you are seeing it
  • It's the ideal expressed in modern art or as I'd like to call it ARTIVISM. I feel that art is the response to our present environment, the regurgitation and it affects people of all differences and likeness, it brings them together, creates awareness, change and more art. It is a universal language where no boundaries exist and all are equal. Art is the expression of life through the eye of an individual. Art is all media.

    Nikki got the idea when her husband Matthias asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said, "I want PEACEin2004!" "It came to me in a flash, like a quick snapshot of a picture and I had to make it happen. The only problem was, it was days before Christmas and a project like that takes time to plan, assemble the materials, do the work and mostly have the time." Nikki is the mother of two young daughters Eva, 2 1/2 years and Zoe, 10 months old and time is not readilly available. She put the project together in 5 days and long nights when all were sleeping. "Initially the idea was to get 2004 people to make a PEACE Sign, but the chances of that the day after New Years Eve with such short notice...well needless to say I thought if I wanted to see this happen, I had to do it myself. And that's what I did. Although you are encouraged and invited to make a PEACE sign and bring it."

    PEACEin2004 is a project within ARTIVISM, that will be ongoing at least for all of 2004. It's something we'll be sending all over the world to spread PEACE, thank all for their Peace work and encourage more people to speak out and work towards Peace. The funding for the project will come from sponsored funds, each Peace sign will be starting funding at $10 a year. So what are you waitng for? Sponsor a piece of PEACEin2004. Can't afford it? How about $1? Find ten friends, family members or complete strangers and open the borders to Peace in 2004! You can even make your own Peace sign and put it up in your window at home or at work, get a bumper sticker, wear a pin, do whatever you can to support PEACE in 2004.

    To my family, friends and to you the world,
    I thank you all, I wish this brings you hope and inspires you to keep going because you keep me going.
    Good work and let PEACE reign around the world in 2004!, with all my Love, Nikki.

    For additional information please email Nikki

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